Consti has established its strong market position in building technology contracting, façade repairs, and the repairs of residential buildings. During the strategy period 2012-2015, we attained a wide consensus on the measures required to achieve the profitable growth desired by our owners.

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  • We will utilise the growing market by investing in business areas with the best growth potential and/or prerequisites for profitable operations
  • We will develop our operations further in a customer-oriented direction by improving the comprehensiveness of our offering and our ability to solve problems, and increasing customer satisfaction
  • We will secure competent and motivated human resources through a good HR policy and the development of competence
  • We will operate systematically at company and project levels, and improve our efficiency, uniformity of quality, and risk management
  • We will complement our own resources through good management of our supplier and partner network

In particular, we have brought up apartment repairs in both the housing company and tenement building markets, the development of office premises in co-operation with the customers, and repair and maintenance work on properties as strategic growth areas.

We also wish to support the development of new solutions for repair and construction work. We are creating new solutions for:

  • Energy renovations
  • Industrial pipeline and bathroom renovations
  • Continuous maintenance of properties
  • Office modifications that improve the operations of the users


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