Mission and vision

Property owners may commission a large contract from Consti Yhtiöt, covering all areas of repair and construction work. On the other hand, we often offer precision projects, comprising just building technology, façades, or repair contracting projects.

Our goal is to provide high-quality and versatile services to professional buyers of repair and construction work, using our own resources as much as possible.

In addition to high quality, our customers value reliability, user-friendly solutions, and the management of the whole. They want a company that assumes responsibility for the contract, and that completes it in a straightforward and efficient manner.

What we take upon ourselves to do, we will be responsible for

Consti is a company with entrepreneurial spirit that wishes to understand the needs of its customers. If we were to put it into words for a new employee, it would go something like this: take the customer’s situation into consideration, keep your promises, perform the work as agreed, and respect professional skills.

We take care of our social responsibilities and ecological principles in the same way.

Our mission

Increasing the value of our customers’ properties and improving the quality of their life through the efforts of our best repair and construction work specialists.

Our long-term goal (vision)

Consti will become Finland’s most desired and reliable repair and construction work company, which grows profits as the leading service provider on the market.

Consti’s values

Customer-orientation, enthusiasm, reliability and honesty, professional skills and experience, and profitable growth.

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