Consti Group

Consti Group is Finland’s leading company concentrating on repair and construction work. We effectively renew building stock and create value for the owners of the properties.

We offer the best specialists in repair and construction work, building technology, pipeline renovation, façade renovation, and yard and environment construction. We renovate residential, industrial, commercial, hotel, office, and public sector properties.

Consti Group was established in 2008 to meet the growing need for repair and construction work, as in Finland, the amount of new construction had long outstripped the number of renovations of existing building stock. It was also known that property owners desired a strong but flexible partner for property renovations. There is a constant need for both small and large contracts requiring versatile know-how and reliable overall quality.

Growth and entrepreneurial spirit

Consti is a company of entrepreneurs. In a short time, experts from more than ten companies have joined us. We have increased our sales, expanded to new locales, and established our position in the repair and construction work market.

Consti personnel are characterised by experience, professional ambition, and customer-oriented values. We think that a comfortable working and living environment is one of the best investments in the quality of life – and you can make old as good as new when you assign the right craftspeople to the task.

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