Three major multi-million projects for Consti in Helsinki


Consti received an order for a complete renovation worth 11 million euro at housing corporation Siilitie 5 from Helsinki City’s housing company Heka (Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy). Consti is also in charge of a total renovation project at Franzeninaukio, a prime property in Helsinki; and a conventional facade renovation project at housing corporation Kiertotähdentie.

In housing corporation Siilitie 5’s extensive renovation, in the first stage the facades and roofs will be renewed, alongside all 110 apartments. At the same time new windows and balcony doors will also be fitted. A total of 10 elevators will be installed in the stairwells, which do not have existing elevator facilities. The balconies will be renovated or renewed and in addition completely new balconies will be built. During the renovation project building technology will also be renewed and the courtyards repaired.

Consti is the main contractor in charge of Heka’s site. The renovation work will commence in May and be finished by the end of 2018.

Consti is also in charge of the complete renovation of a prime property in Helsinki, Franzeninaukio. The project is worth 6 million euro. The complete renovation of this prime property built in 1910 comprises the renovation of all 60 apartments and constructing new apartments to the attic. At the same time the facades will be plastered, windows replaced and also the building automation will be renewed.

Construction Chief of the Franzeninaukio project Sami Vanninen affirms that the property’s value will rise significantly with the total renovation. The project was commissioned by the property owner Paavo Nurmi Foundation.

Housing corporation Kiertotähdentie 4 has also ordered a large-scale facade renovation from Consti, in which balconies, windows and doors are renewed. During the renovation roofs will also be restored, a thin insulating plaster applied, and covered drains installed.

The value of the renovation of this housing corporation built in the 1970s is approximately 4 million euro. The project is large-scale as all nine buildings will be completely renovated. The project will last one and a half years and work on the project starts in April.


Consti is a leading Finnish company concentrating on renovation and technical services. Consti offers comprehensive building technology, pipeline renovation, renovation contracting, façade renovation and other demanding construction and maintenance services for residential and commercial buildings. In 2016, Consti Group’s net sales amounted to 262 million euro. It employs about 950 professionals in renovation construction and building technology. Consti Group Plc is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. The trading code is CONSTI.

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