Strategy 2017-2021 – prerequisites for growth


Consti’s strategy update for years 2017-2021 was drawn up during the first half of the year 2017.

Our vision: “Consti professionals are passionate about renovating and developing the built environment in a sustainable and sensible manner. This is why we are number one in renovation construction.”

Our strategic goals are 10% annual growth in our current businesses, improving relative profitability, and achieving growth in new businesses.

Our strategic development projects are our chosen methods for reaching these goals. For 2017-2021 our strategic development projects are:

  • Professional employees who enjoy their work. The key to growth is a competent and motivated staff whose operational preconditions and wellbeing are taken care of.
  • Clear service concepts to meet customer needs. We want to productise Consti’s broad offering of services into even clearer and more customer-focused service concepts.
  • Efficient sales and customer relationship management.
  • Profitable and competitive operations in projects and services, which are advanced e.g. by implementing Lean-principles.
  • Expansion in the renovation value chain. We wish to expand our services in the renovation value chain to cover even more ground, all the way from the planning phase to services and maintenance during use. This goal is strongly linked to operating in the forefront of developing new completion methods and technologies.

Strategic growth areas & active seeking of new business. We seek growth and profitability in all business areas, but especially in strategic growth areas, which are to a large extent the same as before: Service, various endeavours based on broader collaboration, geographic growth in Finnish growth centres, pipeline renovations, and promising specialty renovation markets such as balcony, concrete and glass structures. Additionally, we also want new growth in areas we have not previously operated in, or in which we have not had a strong enough foothold. These areas are, for example, even stronger service productisation, indoor ventilation and energy solutions, as well as solutions for row houses and small apartment buildings that are approaching renovation age and require new service development.

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