Staff stories: Multi-skilled construction worker eager to learn all tasks


Construction worker Adel Benchahla, 42, works at a pipeline renovation site in Meilahti, in Helsinki. We had a chat with him during his coffee break.


How long have you been working at Consti?

Since 2000. At first, I was employed by a company called Katajanokan Vesi ja Lämpö, which then merged with Consti. I am pretty much a permanent fixture by now.

What kind of work do you do and what is your training?

I do all sorts of work, such as concreting, tiling and waterproofing. I do not have a degree in the field. Instead, I have acquired my skills on the job over the past 15-plus years. In 2007 and 2008, I completed a training course offered by VTT Expert Services Ltd and became a certified wet room waterproofing installer.

Have you considered further training?

I am always eager to learn new things whenever I have the opportunity to do so. Next, I would like to learn about plumbing and become qualified to work with water and sewer pipes. After that, I would be able to carry out all the tasks involved in a pipeline renovation project. If a colleague called in sick or it was a busy day at the site, I could fill in for anyone to help out in an emergency!

What do you value most in your work?

Good quality and happy customers. No matter what type of work I am doing, I always aim for high quality. The residents deserve to be pleased with our work because they are spending a lot of money on renovating their homes. Humour is also important. I am originally from Tunisia, but I have learned Finnish well enough to understand my workmates’ jokes.

How do you ensure good quality?

It never helps to hurry: you need to take enough time to be able to work carefully. At the same time, it is important to be efficient in order to avoid delays. Botched jobs need to be redone, causing the whole project to be late.

What do you do after work?

I have a family, a wife and two daughters, two and four years old. I want to spend my time with them. We often go to parks and playgrounds or spend time outside in our yard. I don’t have any particular leisure interests of my own, but when the girls get a little bit older and take up hobbies, I will definitely get involved in their activities in one way or another.

I believe your break is over. Did you have time to finish your coffee?

No, but that is ok. Now I have to get back to work. Have a nice day, bye!

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