Sector growth creates jobs in renovation: Consti hired a record number of summer staff


The growth in the renovation and building technology sector over the past few years has created new jobs in the field, and Consti is also recruiting increasing numbers of new employees. There is a real shortage of qualified labour, which is why Consti is training its summer staff to bring new professionals into the industry. As a result of its summer recruitment campaign, Consti reached the milestone of 1,000 employees in June.

Summer is the peak season for renovation work. For Consti, this summer is one the busiest in the company’s history. The beginning of the year has been very active for Consti, and its order book is looking good.

The growth in the sector has also accelerated the recruitment of new employees at the fast-growing Consti. Over the past three years, the number of staff working at the company has increased by approximately 100 persons a year, and the positive trend will continue this year.

Between January and May, Consti hired 10% more permanent employees than it did during the corresponding period of the previous year.

Consti reaches milestone of 1,000 employees

Consti has also been able to hire more summer staff than a year ago. This year, the company is employing a total of 104 summer employees and trainees. As a result of recruiting summer staff, Consti now has more than 1,000 employees – for the first time in company history.

Consti offers various career paths and opportunities for advancement. Students in the field are interested in the company because of its demanding traineeships in site management and office work.

marko_holopainen_45o5088_photo_pasisalminen_com1“There is a crying need for site management professionals in the renovation and building technology markets. With our trainee programmes, we train new employees for the sector. Even when recruiting summer staff, we aim to eventually create permanent employment relationships,” says CEO Marko Holopainen from Consti Group Plc.

Consti is always looking for talented people to join its organisation all over Finland. The company constantly has several vacancies.

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