Renovation of Old Pharmacy Building started in Oulu



The so-called Old Pharmacy Building in downtown Oulu is undergoing extensive renovation work. Consti has concluded a 3.2 million euro renovation contract with the owner of the building, the housing company As Oy Oulun Liiketalo. The renovation project also covers two other residential and commercial buildings belonging to the same housing company. Work at the site began earlier this week, and the project will be completed in November 2017.

As Oy Oulun Liiketalo is located in the historical city block called Pallas. The extensive project includes HVAC renovation work inside the buildings as well as a complete repair of the buildings’ facades, stair halls and roofs. The yards and their land drainage and sewerage systems will also be renewed and a new shelter will be erected for bicycles.

The oldest of the housing company’s buildings, the Old Pharmacy Building, dates back to 1928.

“The property has cultural-historical significance, which means that it has to be kept as close to its original appearance as possible. The Old Pharmacy is a listed building, and before we were able to begin work, archaeological excavations were conducted at the site”, says Project Manager Pauli Riikola from Consti Building Facades.

A commercial and a residential building were constructed adjacent to the pharmacy building in 1953 and 1962, respectively. In total, the property includes 44 apartments and business premises. The city block is part of the old downtown area of Oulu.

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