Consti’s fast IDEAL pipeline and bathroom renovation grows in popularity


The number of IDEAL pipeline and bathroom renovations™ carried out by Consti has grown as expected over the first two years. The volume of IDEAL orders further increased in early autumn of 2016 when renovation contracts for approximately 100 apartments were confirmed.

Consti has lined up several renovation projects that will be implemented using its innovative method, IDEAL. At the site at Haahkatie 15, in Helsinki, Consti will refurbish a total of 16 apartments. The work was launched in the summer. In Vantaa, at Hiirakkotie 1, the bathrooms of 75 apartments will be renovated starting at the beginning of the year, and in Porvoo, at Runeberginkatu 7, Consti will refurbish bathrooms in 21 apartments.

With all projects, the heating, plumbing and ventilation of apartments and basement facilities will be completely renewed.

Quick, cost-effective and elegant renovation

Consti Group introduced the IDEAL concept in Finland in 2014. With the innovative solution, the old bathroom does not have to be completely demolished, as the new bathroom is built inside the old one. The method is fast: a new bathroom with new piping can be built in just ten days.

“The method is efficient because the bathrooms and other elements are pre-fabricated at the factory, according to the customers’ wishes, and are delivered ready to be installed. The pipeline renovation is a traditional one, meaning that all pipes are replaced with new ones”, explains Jan Weckström, unit director at Consti Building Services Ltd.

Even though elements are pre-fabricated, customers can have a say in the fittings, materials and tiling of their bathrooms. In an IDEAL renovation, customers can design their own bathrooms using a range of elegant options.

Consti’s IDEAL pipeline and bathroom renovation in a nutshell:

  • The solution is safe and ensures that the piping will last for the next 50 years.
  • The whole concept is certified by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.
  • The ventilated structure ensures the flow of air between the new and old surfaces.
  • The method is particularly well suited to buildings where bathrooms are located on top of each other.
  • Customers can greatly influence the interior design and tiling of their bathrooms.
  • The renovation lasts, on average, three weeks per apartment, and customers do not have to leave their homes.

See how this fast and efficient pipeline/bathroom renovation works:

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