Consti will renovate the residential buildings of the housing company Asunto Oy Peski


Consti will conduct pipeline renovation work for the residential housing company As. Oy Peski in Espoo.

The work will be conducted as a traditional pipeline renovation project, meaning that all pipelines will be replaced. The project will be conducted under a full contract, and it involves renewing the entire plumbing system and the related fixtures, renewing the electrical and telecommunications systems and conducting the construction work required for these changes.

The limited liability housing company As. Oy Peski consists of three residential buildings that were completed in 1964. The buildings include a total of 100 flats. One of the buildings has flats on five floors, while the other two have flats on three floors. All buildings also include a basement. In addition to the flats, the renovation work will also cover all electrical and mechanical rooms, civil defence shelters, saunas and heat distribution rooms. The underground sewer connection pipes and rainwater drainage systems on the roofs will be repaired via lining.

The project is worth approximately EUR 3 million. The work has been commissioned by the housing company As. Oy Peski, whose property manager is a company called Taloyhtiöpalvelut – Onnistutaan Ky. The project will be designed by Sweco Expert Services Ltd.

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