Consti started the extensive renovation of Espoonlahti church


Renovation construction company Consti has started the complete renovation of Espoonlahti church in Soukka, Espoo. The entire building will be remodeled in the renovation. For instance, the church hall’s roof, the building’s windows, and all the building technology will be renewed. The work will be finished in June 2017.

The significant remodeling of Espoonlahti church has started. Consti Renovation Contracting is in charge of the project with a 5.3-million-euro contract agreement.

After the ongoing demolition stage is finished, the construction of the church hall’s roof and its supporting structure will start. As the project progresses, all spaces in the church will be renewed to meet modern standards for assembly and work facilities. For example, the kitchen and office spaces will be remodeled and accessibility improved.

– Espoonlahti church is an architectonically demanding remodeling site, particularly due to its multi-faceted roof structure, says the CEO of Consti Renovation Contracting Jukka Mäkinen.

At the renovation site, all of the parties participating in the project are engaged to joint targets from the beginning of the project with co-operative project management. The co-operative approach used at the site is rare in construction; in it the development and execution stages have been separated from each other.

– Consti is a forerunner in utilizing this method. It is suitable for demanding renovation construction sites. Its benefits are that the worst surprises are discovered already beforehand, and thus the costs and schedule of the execution stage can be kept under control, Mäkinen says.


Espoonlahti church dates back to 1980. It is a noteworthy building in the Espoo cityscape. Both its exterior and interior architecture equal that of a protected site. The church was designed by the renowned architect brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen, whose other designs include for example Helsinki Temppeliaukio church.

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