Consti renovates the Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium in Turku


Consti Renovation Contracting has begun renovating the Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium in Turku, in Southwest Finland. The project involves renewing the surface structures, equipment and technology of the pools and making the stadium more accessible to persons with disabilities. The project will be finished by the summer of 2017, and the contract is worth EUR 5.5 million.

The renovation of the Samppalinna swimming stadium is a unique and exceptionally demanding renovation project in Finland. Consti Renovation Contracting, the main contractor in the project, has extensive experience in demanding renovation work involving concrete structures and facades, which is valuable for the project.

“Renovating the pool structures out in the open requires good protective covers. Moreover, in-situ casting must comply with strict quality and precision requirements because the 50-metre pool has to meet championship standards,” says Consti’s Jukka Lehtonen, regional manager for Southwest Finland.

In addition to modernising outdated technology, the aim is to accentuate the original appearance of the stadium.

“We will, for example, remove the tiling from the pools and finish the concrete surfaces with a brush-applied coating,” Lehtonen says.

In addition to the surface structures of the pools, the pool equipment and technology, maintenance corridors, leaking waterproofing elements and changing room lockers will also be renewed. The stadium will be made more accessible by installing a ramp in the main pool and building a lift from the changing rooms to the pool area. Furthermore, the kiosk building will be renovated, the cash desk area improved, and a new maintenance building erected in the stadium.

Designed by architect Abel Sandelin, the Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium was opened in 1955. It has been listed as a culturally, historically and architecturally valuable property. Thus, the Museum Centre will also be involved in the renovation project.

Concept image. Image: ©Lemmetti architects.

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