Consti halves balcony renovation times: new balconies in just five weeks


Consti Group Plc has developed a rapid balcony renovation model that will cut renovation times by half. With prefabricated units, new balconies can be built in just five weeks. The new balcony service product Consti Parveke is the first high-quality service launched under the new Consti Kodikas service concept, which focuses on creating cosy and comfortable homes. More services will be introduced later this year.

The Consti Parveke balcony renovation model is faster than traditional methods thanks to two key elements: prefabricated units that are ready to install, and a new and improved continuous workflow. The efficiency of the process has been fine-tuned to align as closely to industrial manufacturing processes as possible.

“We set daily targets for each balcony. Progress from demolition work to installing prefabricated units and applying the finishing touches is quick. When each worker knows their tasks and targets, there are no delays,” says CEO Risto Kivi, from Consti Building Facades.

Consti is currently carrying out one of these fast balcony renovations at Haltianpolku 2 in Järvenpää, where they will rebuild 30 balconies in less than 60 days. All balconies will be glazed and made 40 centimetres wider than before. The work will be finished by the beginning of May.

Growing demand calls for faster and easier methods

It is anticipated that demand for balcony renovations will increase in the coming years, as the large 1970s building stock will need new, fully refurbished and modernised balconies. The Consti Parveke service product was designed to meet this demand by enabling industrial-style efficiency. It also makes it easy for housing companies to plan and organise renovation projects.

“We always provide a binding price offer and set out a work schedule at our second meeting with the client, at the latest. We also take care of building permits on the client’s behalf. One of our priorities is to make renovation projects as easy as possible for our clients,” Kivi says.


Consti Parveke renovations are carried out under the design–build model. This will significantly reduce costs compared to projects with traditional bidding processes. Because the price is fixed, there are no surprises or additional costs. Moreover, the balconies come with a warranty of five years instead of the standard two.

New service concept puts customers and comfort first

The innovative balcony renovation model is the first high-quality service product to be launched under the new Consti Kodikas concept. Targeted at housing companies, the concept consists of a group of products covering all areas of renovation. The main focus is on guaranteeing a positive customer experience and a cosy and comfortable end result.

“When housing companies and residents are happy, we have succeeded in all key areas of the renovation project. For housing companies, it is important that the process is simple and straightforward, the work is completed on time and within budget, and the end result is comfortable and perfect the first time around, with no need for rework,” Kivi says.

The concept aims for comprehensively and carefully designed renovations that are tailored to the needs of each building and cost-effectively increase the building’s value and comfort levels.


For further information, please contact:
Risto Kivi, CEO, Consti Julkisivut Oy, +358 40 044 1141,

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