Consti converts a high-value property into apartments in Helsinki


Consti Group Plc has been selected to change the use of one of Finland’s most historic high-value properties, located at Korkeavuorenkatu 21 in downtown Helsinki. After decades of serving as office space, a building encompassing more than 5,000 m2 will now be fully refurbished and restored to its original residential use. The project will be worth almost EUR 20 million.

Korkeavuorenkatu 21 saneerausThe building, which was constructed in 1889, will be turned into prestigious state-of-the-art apartments, with restaurants and other business premises at street level. The project will last for approximately two years. New residents will most likely be able to move in at the end of 2018. The work has been commissioned by the property developer Grand Residence Development Ltd.

The massive project will involve Consti’s facade, residential renovation and technical building services units.

In the residential areas, all surfaces and structures will be rebuilt, while taking into account conservation considerations. The intermediate floors will also be opened and reconstructed. The facade will be completely renovated and partly renewed. The roof will be replaced and the windows renovated, and penthouse apartments will be built in the attic space. The courtyard will receive a fully automated parking system (robotic parking), which will be connected to the technical building systems supplied and installed by Consti. Consti will also participate in constructing the street-level business premises.

“The scale of this project is illustrated by the fact that it is Consti’s single largest contract confirmed this year. We have already been carrying out demolition work and development stage tasks at the property, which will be finished by Christmas. This contract crowns our collaboration in the best possible way,” says Risto Kivi, CEO of Consti Building Facades Ltd.

Consti has ample experience in renovating high-value properties

Demanding projects involving the change of use of buildings and renovating high-value properties are part of Consti’s expertise. Its previous projects include the luxury hotels St. George and Klaus K. in Helsinki.

“When building high-end apartments in historical buildings, modern building regulations have to be reconciled with those imposed by the National Board of Antiquities. These regulations concern, for example, air conditioning, acoustic and fire safety solutions. This project is very demanding, but the challenges are also highly motivating. What is more, the project will provide work for more than 100 professionals,” Kivi explains.

History meets a new standard of residential living

Upon completion, Grand Residence 21 will affect the character of the whole neighbourhood, shifting the heart of the street Korkeavuorenkatu closer to the Helsinki city centre. The property will offer a novel concept for residential living.

“Superb quality and style will be manifested in all aspects of living, from spatial planning to in-house services and amenities,” says Marketing Director Kati Ståhlberg from Grand Residence Development.

The high-value property at Korkeavuorenkatu 21 was constructed in 1889. Originally a residential property, the building has also served as the headquarters for the Russian tsar’s secret police and, in the years before the Second World War, as the office of the Finnish Defence Council headed by Field Marshal Mannerheim. From 1939 to 2012, the premises were used by the Finnish Border Guard.

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