Consti awarded the Finnish Key Flag Symbol


Consti Group Plc has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol in recognition of Finnish work. The right to use the symbol is granted by the Association for Finnish Work, and its primary award criterion is that the product or service in question must be manufactured and produced in Finland. Consti was awarded the right to use the Key Flag Symbol for its renovation and technical building services.

“It means a lot to us to receive this recognition at the beginning of the year that marks the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence,” says Marko Holopainen, CEO of Consti Group Plc.

The right to use the Key Flag Symbol requires that the domestic content of a product or service constitutes at least 50 per cent of its break-even cost, which comprises, for example, personnel costs, subcontracting and the materials purchased. A company applying for the symbol must also have significant domestic ownership, and its management and head office must be located in Finland.

Consti has always been committed to basing its activities on work and expertise within Finland.

“Even after being listed on the stock exchange, we continue to be first and foremost a reliable and honest Finnish company. Our values include a customer-oriented approach, fostering expertise and experience, innovativeness and corporate sustainability.”

Promoting Finnish competitiveness

The Key Flag Symbol is well-known in Finland, and it helps consumers choose Finnish products and services. According to a survey conducted by the Association for Finnish Work, more than two thirds (69%) of people in Finland say that the symbol is a relatively or very important factor in their purchase decisions.

“Buying Finnish services is considered a form of social impact and a value-based choice that will promote Finland’s competitiveness and increase well-being in the country,” says Marketing Manager Reetta Mentu from the Association for Finnish Work.

“Consti is a large and diverse employer. In total, we employ more than 900 professionals in renovation and technical building services in the growing cities of southern and western Finland. We always carry out our projects as much as possible using our own employees,” Holopainen explains.


Consti Group Plc is one of Finland’s leading companies specialising in renovation and technical building services. Consti offers a comprehensive range of services covering technical building services, pipeline renovations, renovation contracting, building facade renovations, and other construction and maintenance services for demanding residential and non-residential properties. The company operates in three business areas: Technical Building Services, Building Facades and Renovation Contracting. In 2015, the Consti Group had a turnover of EUR 256 million, and it employs more than 900 renovation and building technology professionals. Consti Group Plc is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd with the ticker symbol CONSTI. 

The Association for Finnish Work is an expert organisation that promotes an appreciation for and the success of work done in Finland. It governs symbols and online services that recognise Finnish work. The Key Flag Symbol is a mark of origin that can be granted to products manufactured in and services produced in Finland. The symbol has been granted to more than 3,500 products, product groups or services.

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