Consti awarded new contracts worth more than €20 million


Consti Group Plc received several major orders in March and April. The largest projects include the renovation of the Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium in Turku and the future courthouse in Lahti as well as building technology work at the Hämeenlinna swimming centre and a health and well-being centre to be built in Kalasatama, Helsinki. During the spring, Consti has also signed significant contracts on pipeline and facade renovations in residential buildings.

Consti is the main contractor in the renovation of the culturally and historically significant Samppalinna outdoor swimming stadium in Turku, in Southwest Finland. The project involves renewing the surface structures, equipment and technology of the pools and making the stadium more accessible to persons with disabilities. In addition, maintenance corridors, changing rooms and leaking waterproofing elements will be renewed and a new maintenance building erected at the stadium. The renovation began in early May and will be completed by the summer of 2017.

For the renovation of the swimming centre in Hämeenlinna, in southern Finland, Consti is responsible for the HVACEA works. The project involves pipeline renovation, electrical and air conditioning work, and the installation of a new automation system. The work will commence at the beginning of June and be finished at the end of 2017.

In Lahti, in southern Finland, Consti is the main contractor in a project that involves changing the use of an old industrial building in the Asko area. The south end of the Asko 2 building will be converted into a new courthouse for the local district court and prosecutor’s office. The former industrial hall will become a three-story space that includes offices, court rooms and archive rooms. The project will be completed in December 2016.

Consti is also helping construct the new Kalasatama residential and business district in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Consti is responsible for the HVAC works in a health and well-being centre, which will be constructed in REDI, a new multi-use building complex. The contract covers pipeline and air conditioning work. The work began in April and will be completed in May 2017.

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